Month Creation Thread – February Edition

A new month has begun so time to say goodbye to the last by showing off that I’ve created that month!

Illustrations/character designs.

Fate Master (T-shirt edition)

Available for purchase for all those DMs out there!

Elf Girl (Dungeons and Dragons OC)

“Elf girl, why is your skin so green and your antlers so white? Your stance so tall and your teeth so sharp. Your tail goes swish as you travel deep in those woods you were left behind in so long ago. “

Is this where all the dragons went?

Going Fishing


Imp Concept – Junior & Nan


Moody Imp –

Patron Exclusive Posts – links

Imp Concept – Aya expressions

Fate updates: Page 168Page 169page 170

Fate pages – INKS 171 – 172


Imp draft 3 rewrite – Completed chapter 5 and only have the epilogue left! Woo!

Video posts

Thank you for reading this months MCT!

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