Anthea West is a freelance sequential artist and cartoonist living in Dublin, Ireland. She’s been making comics since 2009 like her self-published graphic novel “The Earthbound God”, which was awarded a spot in the Irish Comic News Hall of Fame. Anthea also has a bachelor degree in Animation and an ongoing webcomic, “Fate.”
Anthea loves cats, dogs, pretty much if she gets to spend time petting a willing animal she’s happy out!

Dustbunny-Studios is the home and the label in which Anthea publishes all of her comics and artwork! Its mascots are dustbunnies, fluffy, sweet, dumb creatures which she created back in 2005/6!

Interested in my work and would like to get in contact?

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What is a Dustbunny?

Dustbunnies are a species of round fluffy creatures Anthea came up with when she was in Secondary School. Don’t bother wondering how they eat, even she doesn’t know! They are cute, curious, and just a little bit dim (but don’t tell them that!). 

Fun fact: When a dustbunny finds their most loved person in the world (a mate, a friend, sibling, or even an owner!), they change colour so they can contrast! 

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  1. Currently getting the last of the ALAA Recommended List out. Fate has been recommended, but I need the date of the first and last page issued in 2018 and these do not appear on the page. Help?

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the delayed reply, I completely missed this comment!
      The first-page posted in 2018 was Page 129 on the 8th of January. The last page posted in 2018 (then went on a break) was Page 162, title Journal Entry 60-2 on 18th of October.
      Thank you!

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