Month Creation Thread – January Edition

Hi there!

This is a new thing I’m trying to do at the end of each month, basically, I display and write up what I’m created that month. Algorithms on socials can be so fickle and people miss things so I thought it would be a great way to show people (and myself!) all I’ve created!

Illustrations/character designs.

The Companion

“It was happening again. The heavy rainfall, the shape in the raindrops following her. She didn’t know what it wanted, so she chooses to ignore it. What It wanted, as a companion on it’s lonely, lonely journey.”

.Role Reversal Time Bugaloo – Concepts 1 – 3


.Read it here (it’s free for the public): Reads like a choose your own adventure!

Funny Story, I’m a demon now?

Lion Sisters design update

Patron Exclusive Posts – links

Fate Rewrites plus one Doodle

Role Reversal Time Bugaloo – Story Outline

Fate Chapter 5 Thumbnails – WIP

Role Reversal Time Bugaloo – More!

Funny Story, I’m a demon now – Art + Story outline:

Fate page 169 – sketch

Video Posts


– Rewrote, edit and thumbnailed Imp script chapter 4 and only have one more left to do!

Fate rewrites and thumbnailing.

Thank you for reading my MCT Jan edition!

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