First Episode of Talking Bollox!

On the first episode of Talking Bollox, with the lovely Triona “Tree” Farrell and Leeann Hamilton, we talk about the notorious Denver all male women in comics’ panels,  the past disappearance of comics aimed at girls, intrusive advertisements in DC comics, the Beano, how Japan needs to chill and the brave sacrifice of the Leaving Cert students.

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Anthea’s Recommendations:

“Nimona” by Noelle Stevenson

“We Are Become Pals” written by written by Joey Comeau and illustrated by Jess Fink.

“Mad Max: Fury Roads.” Just go see it okay?

Tree’s Recommendations:        

“The Wicked + The Divine” by Kieron Gillen, Jamie MxKelvie and Matt Wilson

“Octopus Pie” by Meredith Gran

“Fez”  by Polytron Corporation

Leeann’s Recommendations:

“Kesho Town” by Nebula Interactive


Music  by Kevin MacLeod