Fund It Project Live – Invest in an Artbook!

My Fund It Project has been approved and it now live!

The video says mostly what needs to be said but the profile has even more information. Please Like, Share, Promote, reblog this Fund it Project so as many people can see it and maybe consider investing! Remember this is only a short campaign of 3 weeks, so I can get the art book done in time for MCM Dublin.

I’ll be posting news, Previews and Contest throughout this project run!

For our first contest: First person to invest 40 Euros or more will also get an original drawing posted with their other awards!

Fund It Project



The Earthbound God is now for sale in Shop!

So many pages

Yes finally after a long wait The Earthbound God is finally available for purchase in my shop And not only can you get the book you can also get the Root Bundle Deal!

What’s the Root bundle deal you ask? Well I’m glad you ask dismembered voice in my head! The Root bundle includes:

The Eathbound God Graphic novel, signed and with a drawing on the inside cover.
The Exclusive A3 TEG Poster
TEG Poster Small copy for show
A Sticker
Skicker small for show
A Bookmark
Bookmarks small copy for showThere’s only a limited number of books so if you don’t want to have to wait for a reprint order your copy now!

Thank you to everyone who’s stuck by me through this whole experience. You know who you are and you have my love and my thanks. Expect the next installment of The Earthbound God in 2014!

Convention list and Advice

Made a new drop-down tab in the “links” tab listing my confirmed convention goings

I’ve been attending and selling at cons for the past 3 years now and while some have been more succesful then others I’ve had  fun times. You learn things as you go, thins I really wish I knew back when I was a fresh face on the artist alleyway scene. Here’s a list of things I’ve picked up. Might be of some use to you, might not.

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