Anthea’s Webcomic reading list

Anthea’s Webcomic reading list

Hello my lovely peeps! Today I’m going to write and list my favorite webcomics because webcomic deserve all the love and I want you all to read these fantastic stories. The list will be pretty mixed, some pretty well known, other not so much or just starting out, but, in my opinion anyway, definitely worth a look!


Written by Megan Lavey-Heaton

Drawn by Isabelle Melancon

Namesake is a gorgeous looking comic with beautiful drawn lines, immense detail and minimal colours. The story focuses on a woman named Emma Crewe who discovers, after an incident with a combusting book reader, she can travel to different worlds, worlds that we know well as they’re the fairytale places of our youths like the Wizard of Oz and Wonderland. However there are a lot of secrets and conspiracy surrounding our protagonist. The comic itself has reached a point where some of these secrets have been revealed and it’s just fantastic.

Namesake started 4 years ago and it’s still going strong, however the art is very obviously at a higher standard now then it was back then. That said, it still looks good so it will only be pleasant to watch the art evolve and improve as you read through it.

Highly recommended to those who want a woman made and lead comic with a sprinkle of fairy tales and fantasy.

Gunnerkrigg Court

Created by Tom Siddell

Gunnerkrigg Court is my oldest read webcomic, starting waaay back when in 2005 so you’ve possibly already read this one, if not where have you been this thing is still going and only getting better. Gunnerkrigg Court tells the story of Antimony Carver, or Annie for short, as she attending the strange and mysterious school that the comic is named after.  This comic switches between being a fantasy and a sci-fi to reflect the different aspects of the court and of the magical filled forest which surround it.  This comic is just chock full of mysteries and character development, yummers, my fave! There’s plenty of humour in it too which mirrors the dark moments of the comic nicely.

Recommend for those who love a big ass long story and gradually revealed mysteries and characters that age and grow up in front of the reader’s eyes.

Seeing as the comic started back in 2005 the art is significantly different then to now it is now but watching the development of Siddell’s style and artistic skill is an absolute treat!

Poppy O’ Possum

Created by Ian Everett

This comic is just filled to the brim with charm and energetic artwork, just a few pages in and you’ll fall in love with the main character Poppy. Basically this comic is about a super strong possum mommy living in world where all the other residents, a variety of anthropomorphic animals, all possess magic powers and where the world is pretty much runs it too. However possums, do not so that can cause a lot of trouble for the specie. All Poppy wants is to live a nice life with her darling daughter Lily but she a magnet for trouble. I mean, goons, dragons, monsters, casual racism and ancient magic conspiracies are just the tip of the iceberg that Poppy finds herself involved with.

Recommended who love cartoonish, charming artwork and character that you’ll just fall in love with in an instant and with fantastic world building to boot!

Azure Capricorn

Created by T.T. Farrell

Azure Capricorn is a Sci-fi/slice of life with drop dead gorgeous art and colours. The comic is about a man name Tajo, new to the planet Oceanius IV which is nearly completely covered in water. He looking for a job and Freya, the assertive alien goat woman who runs her family’s gondola tour service might be able to help him out.

Azure Capricorn is fairly new on the webcomic scene and there isn’t a whole lot of it. Yet the gorgeous colours, environments and character design will hook you in straight away. Definitely one to read.

Girls with Slingshots

Created by Danielle Corsetto

Coloured by Laeluu

Another super long comic that has been going on forever (*cough since 2004 cough*) but I’ve only started reading myself in the last couple of years.  Girls with Slingshots is a comic about being an adult but still growing up and learning what it is to be a grown up. It handles a lot of issues such as unemployment, marriage, and equality all while being funny as hell and relatable.

Recommended for those who want slice of live with some great adult humour but with depth and reliability. Once again, with such a long on-going comic the artwork was grown and evolved a lot from that very first page.

Monster Pulse

Created by Magolia Porter

Monster Pulse is an all age’s comic that has an appealing story line for everybody! It about Bina Blum and her group of friends as their various body parts (for Bina it was her heart) transform into monsters! Now they have to deal with the sinister shadow organization SHELL, who are not 100% evil but they not the sort you want around your kids.

Great webcomic for younger readers but doesn’t handle the story with kid gloves. Monster Pulse has just as rich and complex story line as my other favorites.


Created by SJ Moloney

Pantheon is a newish comic but there is a lot of content already. It takes already well established Gods and religions and mashes them together in a delicious plot filled soup. Amaterasu, a cheerful and curious Japanese sun goddess has gone on the equivalent of a gap year to visit all of the other gods and pantheons.  While she’s doing this the jaded Gods of cultures and religions old are all disappearing and no one’s quite sure what’s going to happen.

Recommended for the history and mythology buffs!

Cucumber Quest

Created by Gigi D.G.

Cucumber Quest is a darling comic about bunny children on an adventure and having fun. The colours and clothing designs are my fave things about this comic no that’s a lie, the humour and the comic’s villain actually is. Really pretty comic that comes with a warning: History can, and will be repeated.

I recommend this to everyone okay.

The Property of Hate

Created by Madmod

I only discovered The Property of Hate a couple of weeks ago but it had me instantly hooked and I was up to date within the day. The story starts with a young girl being woken up by a TV headed man asking if she would like to be a hero.  They enter a world were concepts have physical form like dreams, fear and ideas. At first the story seems to be pulling of a “little kid being the destined hero” trope but as you read it through you quickly see the underlining darkness to the story. You fear for Hero and wonder just what is this TV headed man hiding?

Recommended for those who like charismatic object headed gentlemen, very interesting concepts and darling little girls who are smarter then they look.

 Just about Anything by Emily Carroll

I love Emily Carroll’s comics. Do yourself a favor and go to her website, read all of her short stories then purchase her new book Through the Woods. You will not be disappointed, especially if you enjoy eerie horror.  I recommend His Face was all Red and Out of Skin as a good introductory to her work.

 That’s not all of the webcomics that I read but ones I think deserve a mention. I hope you enjoy them my peeps! Tune in next Friday where I will hopefully hopefully have a video of my colour work-through to show you all!

All the best!

College over and done.

Yes after 5 years of hard work and deadlines I am finished my bachelor art degree in animation. The grad show we students organised, All Good Things was held last Tuesday with amazing result and the college grad show is still currently going on until the 10th. Below are some pictures.

Grad show "All Good Thing" display of our sketchbook work

Grad show “All Good Thing” display of our sketchbook work

Grad show "All Good Thing" display of our sketchbook work

Grad show “All Good Thing” display of our sketchbook work


displayed at All Good Things Grad Show

displayed at All Good Things Grad Show

displayed at All Good Things Grad Show

displayed at All Good Things Grad Show

displayed at All Good Things Grad Show

displayed at All Good Things Grad Show

the display of my work at the IADT college grad Show

the display of my work at the IADT college grad Show

Gonna miss these bunch of losers

Gonna miss these bunch of losers

It’s been one heck of a year but I’m so glad to see the other end of it. Now it time for more hard work and deadlines and… wait.

Art Book Fully Funded!



Thanks everyone!

There’s still 3 days left so if you want to invest and get some awards click the link here Getting over 600 mark will only help make the book better, like extra pages! Reaching 700 and more will make an 80 page book to 100 page book

For each 100 mark we go by, people will be able to win some commissioned comics too, I just need screenshots as proof that you invested 8D

Girls & Monsters, It Seems

cover show copy copyThe cover is complete and the art book now has a name, “Girls & Monsters, It Seems.” The Fund It Project is on it’s last 5 days and we’re at 92% of the goal. Please Invest, share and Promote, we’re almost there. And don’t forget, the contest to win a commission comic is still happening to whoever get us over the 600 mark.

As always the Fund It is over here, just click the link!


92% Funded and Contest Time

The Fund It campaign has been funded 92% that is amazing so a mighty thank you to you who invested so far.

I’m holding a pretty awesome contest this time around but it’s only available to those who haven’t invested yet.

Whoever gets the project to or over 600 euro will get a commissioned one page comic!

Here are the rules:

There is 9 days left to invest and enter this contest, and if you have invested already please keep sharing and promoting, it’s been a tremendous help!

60% Funded and first Preview

Firstly thank you to everyone who funded the art book so far, we’re already at 60%! Please keep sharing the project and let more people know about it 8D I’ll be doing another contest for more original art so so keep and eye out!

Here’s a preview of the Thank you page so far. If you donate a fiver or more your name will be placed in the middle. There’s also lots other awards to claim if you invest!

thank you WIP

Fund It Project Live – Invest in an Artbook!

My Fund It Project has been approved and it now live!

The video says mostly what needs to be said but the profile has even more information. Please Like, Share, Promote, reblog this Fund it Project so as many people can see it and maybe consider investing! Remember this is only a short campaign of 3 weeks, so I can get the art book done in time for MCM Dublin.

I’ll be posting news, Previews and Contest throughout this project run!

For our first contest: First person to invest 40 Euros or more will also get an original drawing posted with their other awards!

Fund It Project



Coming soon

I’ve been accepted in the Comic Village for MCM Dublin this coming April! For it I’ve decided to make another art book but this time as a phsyical thing. To raise fund for printing I’ve set up a short campaign over on Fund it. Once it’s been approved I’ll post links to it here and over on the dustbunny-studios facebook page.