DICE come and gone, Fate for sale

Dice has come and gone and what a lovely weekend! Shared a table with the awesome Leeann Hamilton of the CoolBean and had a store away behind our table by the name of Katie o’ Meara. We were also just around the corner of Superhero Helpdesk and the amazeballs Tree Farrell.

Met many cool awesome comic peeps that would take too long to list so I sharen’t bother. Though I defo wanna say that Kate Leth is really cool just a fabulous looking human being, I was a bit awe-struck.

Fate #1 got a great response from the con goers and sold many a copy. So thank you so much for that lovely people, hope you all had a great time and enjoy the comic! Speaking of Fate, issue one is now available to buy in the shop and if you bought it and liked or hated it you can tell me so on twitter with the hash tag #DustbunnyFate.

Stay lovely my peeps!


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