MCM Dublin and Guess what came today

That right the art books!


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They look and feel great and the arrived just in time for MCM this Saturday and Sunday!

A note for everyone who invested in the Fund it, because of lack of proper layout planning on my part the book is much long then I originally said. Instead of 80 pages it’s 122 pages. But no worries my friends, I was still under budget and no changes have been made to the price or your awards, so think of those extras 42 pages as a bonus!


I’ll be at MCM Dublin this Saturday and Sunday selling my last copies of The Earthbound God (23 to be exact, I’ll have to do something special for whomever buys the last one), many copies of Girls and Monsters, It Seems, numerous prints, books marks and I’ll also be doing con sketches and commission all weekend 8D

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I’ll be in the Comic Village by the big awesome brand spanking new banner I got.

1496648_10201870996431837_370138800010095487_nSo please drop by my table anytime and say hi!

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