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I’ve been attending and selling at cons for the past 3 years now and while some have been more succesful then others I’ve had  fun times. You learn things as you go, thins I really wish I knew back when I was a fresh face on the artist alleyway scene. Here’s a list of things I’ve picked up. Might be of some use to you, might not.

  • You’ll probably have to lower prices to make a sale. This is not a reflection on you or your skill, people can just be scabby.
  • People will want to hug you. Be prepared.
  • Promote yourself before you go to a cons. Post photo’s of all the awesome swag you’re going to be selling on your DA, Tumblr, Facebook which ever one you use. And, unless you’re very particular about your privacy online, post a photo of yourself too. Then people will know what you look like and be able to find you.
  • Be polite, be open for a chat and wear a smile (this advice is for guys as well as girls)
  • HOWEVER do not allow others to be unkind,condescending, rude and just downright unpleasant to you. Just because you are trying to sell work is not an excuse for people to be yucky. Try to tell them to Eff off in a calm manner and if they don’t, call a staff member immediately. Definitely don’t flip him the bird while his back is turned cause while he can’t see it other people will =__=
  • Fanart will always be more popular the original work. This is a crappy truth that we all must face and it’s up to you to decided how you deal with it.
  • Bring a partner in crime. They can look after thing if you need food or a bathroom, keep your spirits up and basically just be a load of good craic if things are going slow.
  • If you can, do sketches for people. Attendees really love the personal drawing and it all add up to a good profit in the end, even if you’re selling them cheap.
  • Try to keep your table neat.
  • The other artists are not your enemies. Be friendly, have a chat, you never know what sort of awesome people you’ll meet 😀
  • You’ll be ask the same questions over and over again. It can be annoying but remember that person does not realise it so be nice.
  • I do not believe I have to write this but take a shower everyday. Bring deodorant with you (I am looking at you lads, seriously) Cons can be crowded and very warm, there will be sweating.
  • Wear what you like and do not let people be rude to you because of it. You wanna wear a skimpy cosplay, you wear a skimpy cosplay and do it looking fabulous. If you want to ear sweatpants and a hoody, you do that and be Fabulous too. I like to wear slippers.
  • Get there early. At least an hour worth to set up and get comfortable.
  • Befriend the Staff.
  • Drunk lots of fluids and don’t forget to eat a proper meal!
  • Get lots of sleep the night before
  • Make business cards with a business email (NOT A PERSONAL ONE) and links to wear people can view your artwork.
  • Do not allow people to take photo’s of individual artwork. One of the whole table is fine.
  • Don’t threaten to beat people who have nerf guns to death, no matter how much you want to… =_=
  • Be yourself and have fun. Cons can be an awesome place to make new friends and network, enjoy yourself!

That’s most of the advice I can give, though if I’ve missed something don’t be afraid to point it out in the comments.

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