New webcomic Imp

Imp cover

Imp is a new webcomic I’m launching. It’s an experimental graphic-novel styled comic where the readers comment, prompt and vote on how the story will move forward. I’ve never tried something like this before and I’m really excited (and terrified) on how it’ll turn out.  Imp will hopefully thrive through reader’s interaction and participation. If you’re a little confused as to what to do there’s an About page.

Without further ado, here’s Imp.



The Earthbound God in the Irish Comic News Hall of Fame!

Yesterday TEG was awarded a place in the ICN Hall of Fame!

This is an amazing. Thank you so much to those at ICN for awarding my first graphic novel  this. I’m so honored! Now I feel even more determined to continue to bring out more stories and books!

The Earthbound God is available for purchase from my shop, it would make a lovely Christmas stocking filling, comes signed and with a free doodle. TEG can also be bought from comic shops such as Forbidden Planet Dublin and Big Bang Comics


Thought Bubble 2015

tb map

Heya I’m going to Leeds for Though Bubble this upcoming 14-15th of November! I’m super excited 😀 I’ll be selling Fate issues, my graphic novel “The Earthbound God” and my artbook “Girls and Monsters, it Seems”, and a bunch of cute prints. Be sure to pop by and say hi!

Talking Bollox episode 5 – Cultural appropriation bogeyman

Happy Halloween!
Tonight episode is all spooks and scares! And a little bit about animals and nature… And some discussion of positivity vs. negativity in storytelling and how Christopher Lee was so awesome. But mostly scary spoops!
Our lovely guest this episode and storyteller is Stephen Jack. I even give some reciting a go so I hope you enjoy two original pieces from Stephen and I!
Stay safe this Halloween and keep those skeletons sober!

Hog and Dice Productions:

• Undertale
• The Shepperd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett
• Izombie
• Nightmind

Halloween Announcement – Call out for stories and narrators!

If you have a story to share please leave a message on the Talking Bollox facebook ( ) or email @

If you want to come on the show as a guest and reader please message me on the FB or email, please have an example of your audio work! I will only be taking 1-2 readers.

I need to get this recorded a week before Halloween so cut off point for stories and narrators is October the 20th

Thanks again for listening and for all the like on Facebook! And a major thank you to Irish Comic News

Stay spoopy!

(also spider is fine, they’re around here somewhere being inappropriate)


Audio – Spooky spooky skeletons by Andrew Gold

Talking Bollox – episode 4 – Fuck ya, Love ya

Today’s episode, we welcome back Catherine O’ Kane and Una Gallagher and big greetings to Hayley Mulcahy. We talk about a lot on this episode. Strange satanic Christmas traditions, weird food, the one time a member of Westlife spat in my eye, family stories, Tumblr is full of sin and how to stop the Robot uprising.

• Denver the Last Dinosaur: told ya it’s real.
• Cocaine Dinosaur:
• Vinesauce:
• Hayley’s Twitch channel:
• Flight of Dragons
• Comic City Festival:
• MCM Dublin:

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Talking Bollox – Episode 3 – It gets better

Sorry for the long absent, your host, aka me, has started a business course and along with a few other little setbacks it cause this episode to be an entire month late! Hopefully this won’t happen again but frankly I ain’t going to make any promises and just do my best.

Today’s episode with our guests Katie Flemming and Keith Byrne,  is all about animation in Ireland, mainly studying in Ireland. The utter freedom gap from Secondary school to college, After college, what do you do? Are people who enjoy animating wizards????? Some insider news about the new Danger Mouse cartoon by Boulder media. Why does college hate anime and your host embarrassing sings a bunch of themes song!

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